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Who I am...

I am a school psychologist, educator, parent, and advocate for schools and children. Unlike many clinical psychologists performing psychoeducational evaluations in Western North Carolina, I am highly specialized in educational and developmental psychology.

I have been very much influenced by Maria Montessori, developer of The Montessori Method of education. I learned from Maria Montessori's principles that academic progress and learning can take many forms. Assessing children's abilities and needs is never a cut and paste process. Each child is evaluated depending on their needs and comfort level. I want them to feel peaceful and supported not poked and prodded.

In my early academic career, I had the opportunity to work at The MTSU Center for the Study and Treatment of Dyslexia under world renowned dyslexia researcher, Dr. Diane J. Sawyer. My exposure to the extremely knowledgeable staff of doctors, educators and psychologists helped develop my knowledge of learning differences, proper assessment methods, diagnosis, and interventions.

I have had vast experience with all types of educational challenges, leaning differences, behavioral concerns and multicultural students as a school psychologist in the public school system. I am well versed in IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) and working within the parameters of public education.

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